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For over 40 years Martyn has successfully worked as a professional architect with commercial, industrial, and residential developers. His goal has always been to design buildings that are profitable for the developer, attractive and stylish for the community, friendly to the environment, efficient and effective for the end users. Martyn’s projects have been successful for all the project stakeholders.


Martyn has based his architecture practice on

  • Intelligent commercial feasibilities and analysis.
  • Creative ideas for development potential.
  • Master planning and urban design.
  • Overcoming the challenges that most projects present.

Successful projects include

  • High-rise multi-unit residential and office concept design.
  • Industrial, warehouse, and manufacturing projects.
  • Refurbishment and reuse of existing buildings.
  • Land subdivision and development.

Experience spans

  • Coordination of expert witness teams for VCAT planning review.
  • Architectural feasibility and concept design for multi-million dollar commercial and residential projects.
  • Pre-purchase site evaluation and due diligence with an emphasis on high-rise projects.
  • Management of architects and support staff in the architectural firm environment.


Martyn founded  Urban Design Architects Pty Ltd  which he recently sold to an associate. He is currently consulting with UDA Studio and also working on projects within the framework of his new firm, Martyn Tribe Architects Pty Ltd.

We are happy to speak with ambitious commercial, industrial and residential developers.
Please contact us directly via email or telephone on 0407 544 808.